Сценарий праздника День Святого Валентина на английском языке — Часть 1


В нашем лицее традиционно неделя английского языка проводится в канун Дня Святого Валентина. В течение недели проводятся конкурсы чтецов, олимпиады, конкурсы стенгазет, посвященных этому празднику. Завершается неделя подведением итогов и заключительным общешкольным концертом на английском языке.

Подготовка к празднику идёт в течение всего года. На уроках учащиеся разучивают стихотворения, песни, диалоги. Дети сами выбирают, что они будут представлять на празднике. Песни обычно исполняются под «живой» аккомпанемент, с инсценировкой. Стихи и диалоги инсценируются в придуманной детьми обстановке. Им также предлагается творчески подойти к текстам диалогов и стихов, придумать свои, используя речевые образцы изучаемых на уроках диалогов, а иногда и стихов. Таким образом, для зрителей, уже знакомых с текстами, остаётся сюрпризом, в какой ситуации представят им эти тексты. Песни же поёт почти весь зрительный зал. Непосредственно репетиции начинаются примерно за две недели до праздника.

Предлагаем вашему вниманию сценарий одного из наших праздников.

God: Listen to me, my dear children. I’ll tell you a new story about St. Valentine’s Day. Once upon a time there were two little Cupids. All day long they frisked in soft clouds and on green flowering lawns of Paradise. They were very happy. But once their arrow accidentally hit a man’s heart. It happened so unexpectedly and at first they were frightened, but then they were amused by the man’s reaction. Couplet 1 He: You don’t know how much I love you. Or else, darling, you shouldn’t be crying. She: Hush, darling! You should know – I love you!

’Cause my heart, dear, is trembling just for you! God: They laughed so much that didn’t notice that another arrow flew and hit the woman’s heart. The cupids stopped laughing and watched them. Couplet 2 He: You don’t know how much I love you.

Or else, darling, you shouldn’t be crying. She: Hush, darling! You should know – I love you!

’Cause my heart, dear, is trembling just for you! God: These two were very happy and lived a long life. His name was Valentine and her name was also Valentine, so the Cupids called this day Valentine’s. I saw it. Since then shooting arrows at people’s hearts has become the Cupids’ profession. I told them to make all people happy, ordered them to meet every year on the 14th of February and shoot their arrows. Angel 1: Hi, Cupy! Angel 2: Cupe! How are you? Angel 1: I’m fine! And you? Angel 2: Today’s our day. What can be better? Angel 1: Let’s start! Angel 2: How impatient you are! Who shall we start with? Angel 1: Do you see that couple over there? Angel 2: Yes, I guess they don’t look happy enough. Angel 1: Get your arrow ready! Let’s do our work! Dialogue – It’s getting late and I really hate to say good-bye, but I have to go home.

– Please don’t go!

– Please don’t go!

– It’s getting late.

– Please don’t go!

– I’ve got to go home.

– Please don’t go!

– Oh, no! Please don’t go!

– I’ve got to go home…

– Oh, no! Please don’t go! Angel 1: How perfect I did it. They’ll be no worse than our Valentines. Cupy, where are you? Angel 2: Cupe! What have I done! I’ve missed… Angel 1: Oh! My God! What will happen now? Dialogue – Hey, Maria! Here you are at last! Have you finished your exam?

– Yes, I have.

– Was it difficult?

– Well? It was quite hard.

– Did you pass?

– I don’t know. He didn’t tell me.

– What questions did he ask?

– First, he asked me what my name was.

– That was easy, wasn’t it?

– Then he asked me where I came from, and he stared at me so…

– How?

– So passionately. He also asked if I was married and if I had a boyfriend.

– Go on!

– Then he asked if I lived with my parents and then he was interested in my address.

– Anything else?

– Oh! I’m trying to remember. Oh, yes! He wondered, if I was free tonight.

– Is that all?

– Oh, there were a lot of questions. He asked me what my hobbies were. And then he asked me to go around the room…

– What!? I’ll kill him!

– Jim! Stop! Angel 1: You’ve spoiled everything. Angel 2: But, my heart is in the right place. Angel 1: Now it’s my turn. I can make every loser a winner. Study this, baby. Song «Losing My Favourite Game»

The Cardigans Angel 2: Wow! You did it! But you are not always well-aimed. Don’t you remember how you missed last year? It was very funny! You’ve made a very faithful man a kind of Cazanova. Angel 1: It was a misfortune. But everything is OK now. Angel 2: I don’t think so. There he is. Dialogue – Hello, Judy! You’ve been sitting here for an hour.

– I’m looking at that wonderful man.

– What man?

– The one, who’s dancing with Miss Winston.

– Oh, I noticed him, too. He’s big, strong and handsome.

– Yes, he goes in for sports and looks very athletic.

– I can imagine how he plays tennis, or rugby, or cricket, and I think he’s also intelligent.

– Yes, he’s also very smart and is always the life and soul of every party. But he never cooks, sews, irons, cleans,

Washes up and so on.

– Has he been dancing all evening?

– Yes, and never with the same girl. He can dance all day long without interruptions.

– Why do you know so much about him? Have you danced with him today?

– Today? No. He’s my husband. Angel 1: Oh! Why are you crying? Everything is not so bad. Angel 2: I know, I’ve just remembered the sad legend, told by our father, about a Queen and a jester. Angel 1: I don’t know it. Tell me. Poem: «The Cap and Bells» A Queen was beloved by a jester,

And once when the owls grew still,

He made his soul go upward

And stand on her window sill. In a long and straight blue garment,

It talked before morn was white,

And it had grown wise by thinking

Of a footfall hushed and light. But the young Queen would not listen;

She rose in her pale nightgown,

She drew in the brightening casement

And pushed the brass bolt down. He bade his heart go to her,

When the bats cried out no more,

In a red and quivering garment

It sang to her through the door. The tongue of it sweet with dreaming

Of a flutter of flower-like hair,

But she took up her fan from the table

And waved it off on the air. «I’ve cap and bells,» he pondered,

«I will send them to her and die.»

And as soon as the morn had whitened

He left them where she went by. She laid it upon her bosom,

Under a cloud of her hair,

And her red lips sang them a love song.

The stars grew out of the air. She opened her door and her window,

And the heart and the soul came through,

To her right hand came the red one,

To her left hand came the blue. Angel 2: It’s a very unhappy story, isn’t it? Angel 1: Don’t worry. This is just a legend. May be it has never taken place anywhere. Angel 2: Yes, we’d better we turn to our pleasant job. What do you want? Angel 1: I want those two people to make a date. Angel 2: Oh! A first meeting is always so exciting! Dialogue – Let’s make a date.

– OK! Are you busy tomorrow?

– Certainly not.

– How about three?

– That’s fine with me.

– What about two?

– That’s up to you.

– How about eight?

– Won’t it be late?

– Not at all. The later the better.

– So. What about nine?

– Nine is fine.

– What ever you say, will be OK.

– Let’s meet at nine.

– Settled! Where?

– At the metro station.

– You’ll really come?

– Oh, I’m so happy!

– See you at nine.

– Oh! My God!

– Oh, be careful!

– That isn’t a door!

– It’s a window!

– Oh, yes… So-o-ory!

– I was too late!

– We’ll meet at the hospital, then I guess… Angel 1: Ha-ha-ha. He is so clumsy! Angel 2: It happened because he idolized her and we haven’t made them happy. Angel 1: Look! That couple doesn’t need our help at all. They already adore each other. Dialogue – Eve, I love you so much!

– I can’t live without you.

– I want to see you every minute, I can’t even breathe if you are not at my side. I… I… I can’t describe my feelings…

– Neither can I. (Enter aunt Frieda) Hm… Can you read tea-leaves, Peter?

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